Government of Vexilia

"Dissent is forcefully discouraged"

National Flag

The Autocratic State of Vexilia is a massive, efficient nation, ruled by President Teethy Phoenix with an iron fist, and notable for its zero percent divorce rate, frequent executions.

Departments and Services

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Defense and Security

Defense and Security

Information about the military and police forces of Vexilia. The forces that keep you safe at home and abroad.

Health and Education

Health and Education

Information on the health benefits of citizens and education programs.


Motor Vehicle and Transportation

Register your motor vehicle, set appointments and learn about the nation's mass transit.


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The Department of Immigration is closed until further notice.


About Vexilia

The Glorious Autocratic State!

Founded off the ashes of a bloody civil war, the old government was entirely abolished. Naming the old state is punishable by death. The Vexilian Liberation claimed to be for the people although dissidents may say otherwise. After winning the civil war, the rebel created a new government and named the nation Vexilia. Teethy Phoenix assumed office as the first president. Elections happen on an annual basis having President Teethy Phoenix win each one so far.

Vexilia is a communist state with all businesses owned by the state. The economy is very efficient bringing in multiple billions pounds every year.

Presidential Tweets

The President's favourite way to interact with the citizens is from their Twitter account. Here are their latest tweets.